Quest for Change

Challenging Companies and Millenials

We’re turning a tall ship into a sailing think tank. On the Atlantic Ocean, young minds help companies to find sustainable solutions. Let's use the creative power of a new generation.


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Set sail for solutions

The quest is divided into legs (stages) . Each leg lasts about 4-5 weeks and features a specific industry. Every leg, 20 young minds will sail the ship and solve the business case. Companies invest in the leaders of tomorrow. In turn, they reward the companies with creative solutions.


Leaving the comfort zone

To solve wicked problems, we need to embrace adventure and discomfort. For the crew onboard, the endless open Ocean can be a boost of creativity. The participating companies embrace the uncertainty of engaging with millenials and the public.

Read the stories in the logbook


A force for change

Companies are a powerful force for change when they engage with the world’s issues. The Quest for change is our way of connecting business power to the public interest. It’s about re-establishing the corporate right to exist. Together with the new generation onboard and the wider public at home.

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