The story

Adventure for Change

Two people are heading for the South Pole in a vehicle made of plastic waste, powered by the sun. Join us, because creating a cleaner world is an adventure for everyone.

Turn it around

Liesbeth and Edwin were making dinner, when they tossed away another plastic packaging. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. They turned around their trashcan and their mindset. Why is plastic suddenly worthless? Why do we blame the government or the supermarket?

Leaving your comfort zone

The next day they went to the butcher with their own reusable packaging. An uncomfortable situation, but a moment of success that set off a personal adventure. Liesbeth and Edwin went from the discomfort of their own trash to taking on the freezing challenge of Antarctica.


Start small, but start today

How do you go from the kitchen table to Antarctica? By starting, failing, and adjusting. People said it's impossible. They said plastic waste wouldn't be good enough, the car would fail. But here we are, ready to be the first to reach the South Pole with clean technology. Liesbeth and Edwin don't want to set a record. They want to inspire you to take your own step for a better a world.

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