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The Quest for Change

We're looking for companies who want to make an impact. The Quest for Change is about embracing adventure to solve wicked problems. Onboard Tall Ship Morgenster, 60 young minds will help companies to solve a sustainability issue.

Set sail for solutions

Become part of the group of companies who commit to a circular economy.  By joining our expedition, you practice innovative behaviour that creates spin-offs in unexpected ways. Big change starts with small steps outside your comfort zone. 

Per leg a group of 20 bright minds will deal with your sustainability issue for 4 weeks, in an adventurous setting that is guaranteed to boost creativity. They will be trained in sustainability and you commit to implementing the solution. Because that's the kind of small step outside your comfort zone that can bring change.


Adopt a leg

We’re looking for the businesses that want to make an impact. What we offer is the chance to be a frontrunner in the transition to a circular economy. We are confident that the investment of adopting a leg will be multiplied in worth for your business, and society as a whole. 

1 Creative solution

We will train 20 bright millenials to become even bigger sustainability experts. They won't come up with technical innovation, because that's what you're best at already. Their solution will be about practicing innovative behaviour and a completely new approach. And you have to commit to implementing these ideas as an experiment of innovation.

2 Tomorrow’s leaders at your fingertips

For the millenials onboard this is a life- changing experience; a golden opportunity for them but also for you. Their energy and talent can boost your business but also your team. Making a lasting connection with tomorrow’s leaders is all up to you.

3 International exposure

We believe in partnerships and connecting business and people. That means your participation and issue is a key part of the story of Clean2Antarctica. With our documentary, weekly updates, and other media we want to show the wider public what the challenge is and how they can be a part of it. 

4 Dock site events

At each arrival harbour there will be festive moment for handing over the solution from the ship to you. It's a perfect moment for inviting key accounts for a journey on the Morgenster and creating extra rumour in the brand.

We would like to explore your possible participation in this project. The best place to start is a visit in our Mission Control Center, and to feel the vibe of the expedition.
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