Expedition Antarctica

Let's do something crazy

An expedition for a cleaner world on the coldest continent on earth. A test of man and machine, to inspire a personal adventure at home..

Leaving the comfort zone

From Antarctica’s base camp, Liesbeth and Edwin will drive to the South Pole and back. A journey of 2400 km through an icy desert where the sun never sets. In -30°C, man and machine will be tested on the driest, coldest, and highest continent on the planet. This is about the power of embracing discomfort. Whether it's about an expedition or taking the first steps to reduce your plastic.


A zero waste continent

Antarctica contains 90% of the world’s ice and belongs to no one. It is zero waste by law, making it the perfect destination for a zero waste adventure. We can learn from Antarctica and make sure it stays that way. We also want to raise awareness for the Antarctic treaty. If not extended in 2048, the continent will be opened for commercial exploitation.

Adventure with purpose

We want people to rediscover their world. To experiment with plastic waste and explore a world of possibilities. Our expedition is a spark for personal adventure. It has all the charm of a classical expedition and the purpose of creating a better world. Going on an adventure, at home or far away, can make us better humans.

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