What you can do

A small step with a giant impact

Skeptic about your impact? We get it. But history has been changed by small steps and crazy ideas. Let plastic waste be your starting point for adventure.

Start small, but start today

If you're motivated to solve the problem, you're smart enough to act. You don't have to wait until your supermarket sells veggies without plastic. You need to take a decision to start NOW. Whether it's buying your first bread without packaging or refusing a plastic bottle. 'Zero waste' is the perfect starting point because it costs nothing. All you need is stop making excuses.

You're the captain

When you stop blaming supermarkets and take 'response-ability', you become the captain of your own life. And that will boost your relationships, your job, and your happiness. For Liesbeth and Edwin it changed everything. From daily habits to how they talk with their children. Leaving your comfort zone is a feeling of success that improves all areas of life.

Power to the people

By starting with plastic waste we're giving the power back to the people. Because reducing and refusing plastic waste is simple and cheap, anyone can do it. We even dare say it's fun. And when a group of people changes their habit, it sets off a domino effect that no company or government can stop. So, what are you waiting for? Start small, but start today.


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