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Let’s do something crazy

We’re heading for the South Pole with a vehicle made of plastic waste, powered by the sun. Let's turn our plastic problem into an adventure on the cleanest continent on earth. We want to inspire people to rediscover our world and start their own adventure.

They said it was impossible
It all started with a decision to stop throwing things away. Zero waste is a personal adventure of reducing and reusing. Industrial reuse of plastic is rare and many think it’s impossible, but we did it anyway. With plastic waste and 3D printers we made HexCore, the building block for creating an Antarctic vehicle called the Solar Voyager. We have all the clean technology we need. Now it’s time to use them.

hexcore constructie.jpg

Investing in the future: Children
With children we collect plastic from the streets. It's a community project about understanding plastic waste and learning how to 'play' with creative solutions. The children are teaching us how to play and inspire adults everywhere: They write a sustainability message that is connected to a HexCore piece in the vehicle. We’re taking their opinion to the South Pole, to show the world that the next generation cares about their planet.

Challenging companies and millenials
Want to come with us? Before we can explore Antarctica we first have to get there. That's not an obstacle but another opportunity: We are turning a tall ship into a sailing think tank to boost the circular economy! On the Atlantic Ocean, the creative power of a new generation will help companies to become more sustainable.

“One small step for man…”
Skeptic about your impact? We get it. But history has been changed by small steps and crazy ideas. The point is that starting to live zero waste is simple and fun, and has tons of positive side effects. It will improve your personal life, but it will also prepare the way for systematic change. So, what are you waiting for? Start small, but start today.

cool to be part of it!

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