What is on the menu in the Solar Voyager

Pasta carbonara, nasi goreng, beef and noodles. These are the dishes on the menu during the expedition on Antarctica for Edwin and Liesbeth. Still 25 days to go! And the food is ready ...

At home in Zaandam Liesbeth loved to cook. There, the potatoes with vegetables are put on the stove. In the Solar Voyager this is slightly different. Only hot water is needed for the freeze-dried food by Travellunch. Nice and easy! But does it taste good, too?

15 burgers
To keep warm, Edwin and Liesbeth have to make sure they eat 7500 kilocalories per day. That equals 15 burgers per day! Good luck with that... The bags of freeze-dried food are prepared with warm water. To ensure that they get enough calories, they also add butter.


In addition to the freeze-dried food, there is of course a place for a dessert. Cookies and pudding are also on the menu. Muesli will be served for breakfast. And they must drink 1.5 liters of milk per day. Hence, there is more than 200 kg of food in the Solar Voyager.

Liesbeth had two days of work to sort and pack everything: 'Because we want a varied menu on Antarctica.' The food is stored in one of the Solar Voyager trailers. Forty packages (one for each day) have been made. It is packed per day so that they know for sure that they get the right amount of calories and that you only have to go out once every 24 hours for your food.

Do not leave anything behind
Edwin and Liesbeth are not allowed to leave anything on Antarctica. Really nothing at all ... Of course they take back the plastic packaging that the food is in. And they are not afraid to gain weight, because try to stay warm in -30.

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