A cold shower

'You can dress up for the cold,' is a common expression in the Netherlands. Edwin and Liesbeth will do that, too.

On Antarctica they will hardly be able to move because of the many layers of clothing. Running – for both a regular excercise – will be impossible with their thick winter boots.

Usually physical preparation for cold is not necessary. We spend most of our time in heated houses or buildings. On Antarctica Liesbeth and Edwin will spend forty days, twenty-four hours a day in about -30°C. This requires more preparation than clothing.

The human body can deal with a little cold. To make heat you start shivering. To decrease heat loss from the skin, the bloodvessels in your hands and feet will tighten. But in the extreme cold on Antarctica the risk of frozen limbs and hypothermia is great. While summer in the Netherlands is slowly warming up, Liesbeth and Edwin are preparing for a cold summer on Antarctica. Daily, they take a really refreshing shower with the thermostat on cold!

Furthermore, they are soon to be advised by thermophysiologist Hein Daanen, professor at the VU University Amsterdam. He is an expert in the field of human thermoregulation under extreme weather conditions.

Will Liesbeth and Edwin have to get used to more than just a cold shower?


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