Do it yourself!

It’s wonderful to create something yourself. Something unique. Something you’re proud of. This can be a long-lasting source of enjoyment. 

Create or consume? Make it yourself or buy it? Re-use or toss it? Questions everyone asks. What do you do? Do you choose the first or the second option? Probably the second one. You’re not the only one. But this choice has its disadvantages.

Our present economy is a consumption economy. We buy a product and this gives us a thrill. Think of a new pair of shoes. The first few days you adore them, but after about a week this feeling of happiness has evaporated. The only way to feel that thrill again, is by buying something new. Something better and bigger than before. But does this really make us happier?

One thing’s for sure, this kind of economy and this kind of behavior has a downside: waste!

Everything you make yourself gives you positive energy. And the feeling of fulfilment lasts longer. An artist is still proud of his painting 10 years after he’s painted it. Another positive effect of creating something yourself: you feel an emotional connection with it, which makes you want to keep it!

New technology can help us to transform our consumption economy into a creation economy. A 3D printer is a wonderful example of this. Anything you can imagine you can also make. Such as a HexCore. From recycled materials!

So, go for it! Start creating and help construct the creation economy.

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