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If you would like to support us as a company you can visit us in the Mission Control Center or contact Gerie Smit (



Hexcore & VIP ticket You receive the certificate of a HexCore. These are the unique building blocks of the Solar Voyager. More important: For each HexCore we can teach 10 children about plastic.  1 4 10 20 40
News before it's live You receive the latest updates, before they have been posted on the website or social media. x x x x x
C2A expedition images for your own marketing During pictures and videos we shoot during the entire project are available to you with the license to use in your own marketing.    x x x x
VIP guest at mission return You are part of the first presentation once we're back in the Netherlands. Each HexCore is one ticket.   x x x x
Tour at the Mission Control Center. Take a look behind the scenes and be inspired by the enthusiasm of the mission and the team.   x x x x
Placement on our website We'll feature your logo on the page 'partners' and can link to your website.    x x x x
Your logo at the South Pole When we're at the world's most Southern point we'll plant a flag with your logo on it.     x x x
Phone call to Antarctica During the expedition you can visit the Mission Control Center to call Edwin and Liesbeth in Antarctica.  You can ask your questions and it will be recorded and filmed.      x x x
Zero Waste workshop for 10 people

This is more than an inspirational session about sustainability. It's a practical workshop by the Zero Waste Center where we help your business to create value from waste.

      x x
VIP guest SAIL-IN event In march we will enter Amsterdam with Tall Ship Morgenster. This will be the festive closing of the project and you'll be a part of it.       Harbour On the ship
Espresso from Antarctic Ice with Liesbeth en Edwin Others wait millions of years until the Antarctic ice is melted for consumption. We'll offer you the purest and oldest water and of course all of this will be part of our documentary.          x
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