The Results

In 3 years, we've had so many successes and failures, both for our expedition and for the Quest for Change. These are some of the main facts and things we learned along the way.

The Expedition


Our expedition on Antarctica was 30 days, but our 3 year preparation was kind of like an expedition on its own. We printed our plastic waste into hexcores, and like a giant puzzle built the Solar Voyager out of them. After many tests and failures, the vehicle was ready for our expedition. Without any fossil fuel used, we survived on the harshest contintent in the world. If we can live zero waste there, without any fossil fuel, we can do it anywhere. Right? It wasn't easy, but nothing good comes easy. 

Explore more of our experiences in our blogs and updates. 



What did we learn?


After we initiated Clean2Antarctica, our lives completely changed. We've turned our home, lives, and trashcans upside down and changed the way we live and deal with trash. We've hit many walls, had extreme failures, fell down a lot, but we always got up again. In the process, we learned a lot. And we believe that everyone can go through this proces in their own way. You just start small. Come hear us speak or hire us as speaker. 

Learn more about our inspirational speeches. 



Quest for Change


Three groups of students sailed across endless oceans to come up with creative solutions for big companies to become more sustainable. If we want to move towards a circulair society, all aspects of society should come together, and this includes businesses, and youth. In three legs, groups discussed three cases. Not only did they come up with creative solutions, they themselves went through a journey of exploration and discovery, being so close to nature and living so small. 

Read more about their experiences in their logbooks:

leg%201%20logbook_0.jpg leg%202%20logbook.jpg Leg%203%20logbook.jpg


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