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Children are our future and our example. Rediscovering our world starts with the mentality of a child. Being curious, asking why? And playing with possibilities. That is why we put children at Antarctica in the foreground.

With primary school children we collect waste plastic, shred it and let children experience how waste plastic can be a raw material. Children experience in a small way how we have built the Solar Voyager.

Show that you care about the world
By cleaning up waste with children we show the value of plastic and collect 'valuable' material. We ask children, the future policy makers, to give messages. Messages that they find important to share with the world. When Edwin and Liesbeth stand with the Solar Voyager at the South Pole, these messages are thrown into the world, so that the world sees that the next generation cares about the earth.

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Deze kinderen gingen je voor:
Lise 11 jaar uit Haarlem: ‘Prohibit supermarkets from packaging products in plastic.'

Siem 11 jaar uit Hoorn: ‘No eating meat.’

Suzanne 9 jaar uit Leiden: ‘Separate waste plastic’

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Our mission is about children. By investing in children, we are assured of a better future. They will decide whether Antarctica will remain clean after the expiry of the Antarctic Treaty in 2048. With your support, we can teach children about plastic, so that it becomes second nature for them when dealing with this problem

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With your help we can inspire and activate people and companies to see plastic not as waste, but as valuable resource.

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