About us
We are a team of grown-up children, because with asking ‘why?’ and a playful approach we find creative solutions. We have big dreams but focus on the small steps we can set today. Work hard, play hard.
Our team (click on the photos)
Is boss of the 'Minions'. Almost too tall for the door. People manager.
Erik Kruse
Has broad interest. Is good with money and figures.
van Duin
Eats anything that isn’t nailed down. Always asks ‘why?'
Edwin ter Velde
Captain & Founder
Coffee addicted. Types with two fingers. Always feels cold.
Liesbeth ter Velde
Co-pilot & Zero Waste
Nerd. Peanut butter and tea. Has a remote control for everything.
Ruud de Vries
Electronics & IT
On fire. Always talks about her boat. Talks a lot anyway.
Gerie Smit
Always too hot. Easily distracted. Has the cutest pet.
Aukje ter Velde
Never has enough food. Makes the best coffee. Biggest screen.
Frank Holleman
Pilot (of a drone). Cool hat collection.
Edo Landwehr