Nature teaches us how to build

Whether it’s the honeycomb of bees or the crystal of a snowflake, nature teaches us a brilliant form of construction: The hexagon with six sides, which you can find everywhere, including the Solar Voyager.
De honingraad van de bijen of het kristal van een sneeuwvlok, ze zijn bebouwd met een slimme vorm van de natuur. De hexagonaal, zes hoeken, en je komt hem heel vaak tegen, ook in de Solar Voyager.

HexCore, inspired by nature, makes it possible to create a huge puzzle of plastic. That is how we built the Solar Voyager. Because all the pieces fit perfectly by design, it’s possible to make large and stable surfaces. Hexagonal structures are often used in construction, such as space exploration or yachts.

Our HexCore is a modern honeycomb, with the difference that ours is made from waste plastic. Similar to all the waste plastic that we collected through urban mining with children. The HexCores are made from PET plastic and with some thirty 3D printers we produced 5000 HexCores!

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