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Journey of Tallship Morgenster

Sailing to the far end of the civilized world, getting as close to Antarctica as possible. Sustainable learning experience: Tallship Morgenster will become a floating Think Tank!

Coming up with solutions for sustainability challenges with the wind in your hair? It’s all in the game when you board the Morgenster and start heading South sustainably, in order to boost your sustainable way of thinking.

Young, talented crews will be invited to board the Tallship Morgenster. These are the people who potentially will be responsible for continuing the Antarctica Treaty in 2048. Their travel goal: to bring members of the expedition team of the Solar Voyager as close to Antarctica as possible.

The journey is the destination as well. Because during the journey, the crewmembers will develop solutions for sustainable challenges. These solutions will be presented to delegations the crew encounters during their stop-overs. The delegations will then commit themselves to implementing the solutions, regardless of how hard it is to do this.

We daresay that this will be a life-changing experience for everyone involved!


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